Healthcare IT Support Overview
Our HealthCare Support Team provides healthcare facilities with network assessments, reviews, and assistance in attaining and maintaining HIPAA/HITECH compliancy. Let us prepare you for disaster recovery, test your network for vulnerabilities, and manage your technology projects so you can have the peace-of-mind you deserve.
Address HIPAA and HITECH Compliancy Challenges
We utilize the latest tools to analyze your network. We will review and address HIPAA and HITECH compliance, assisting you in determining a course of action to attain compliancy.
Vulnerability Assessment
ISC safely and accurately detects security vulnerabilities across your entire network. This includes discovery, configuration auditing, asset profiling, sensitive data discovery and vulnerability analysis.
ISC conducts internal and external vulnerability profiling of your network devices, and performs these assessments using industry standard Common Vulnerability and Exposure information. Our engineers determine how your systems could be identified and targeted by attackers, and which systems and data could be accessed. We then suggest the necessary steps to prevent such intrusions.
Disaster Recovery Preparedness
After reviewing your current IT disaster recovery plan, we provide an Impact Analysis and Risk Assessment. Once we have analyzed and prioritized your data, we work with you to develop your disaster recovery solution.
Technology Project Management
Managing information technology projects requires ideas and information that stretches beyond standard project management. ISC provides IT project management for healthcare facilities while maintaining the strict compliancy standards that HIPAA and the HITECH Act require.


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