Network Services

Network Design Experts

Whether you are opening a new business, moving to a new location, or have outgrown your current infrastructure, ISC can provide the resources and expertise you need to develop a secure, scalable, and efficient network.

Manage and optimize your IT infrastructure.

In today’s world, your data and communication network is a key component of your business’s success. Implementing and maintaining a network that is reliable, secure, and aligned with your objectives and ready for your future growth is paramount. Compatibility, security concerns, and emerging technologies have added to the complexity of designing, configuring, and maintaining a solid network infrastructure.

Our strong partnerships with Cisco, HP, and others give us access to cutting-edge technology and industry-leading products. These partnerships, combined with our extensive experience and expertise, enables us to deliver best-in-class results. 

Virtualization Solutions

Would you like to consolidate resources, improve performance, minimize downtime, and strengthen your network security?

Virtualizing servers will also allow you to save on hardware, licensing costs, and energy use all while improving your disaster recovery preparedness. Additionally, reduce maintenance and improve performance through desktop virtualization.

Backup Solutions

Can your business afford to lose all of your client information? Your financial data? Or even everything you worked on yesterday? Is your backup plan as reliable as you need it to be?

ISC partners with Datto ALTO 2, the only hybrid cloud solution that keeps small businesses up and running through outages, data loss and disasters. Their business continuity design is built specifically for small businesses; you get a compact and powerful appliance that takes snapshots of your servers and workstations, then replicates them to the ultra-secure Datto Cloud, all for a minimal cost. 

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Outsourcing IT services gives your organization:


Access to Resources and 24/7/365 Support

One of the most commonly outsourced business IT service functions is the help desk, which provides your staff with technical support when they need it. This helps your business reduce office space and payroll, while keeping your employees happy and productive. Additionally, our partnerships with Cisco, HP, Dell, and others, allow us to pass on the preferred pricing we receive for business IT solutions.


While you may choose a monthly managed service plan for maintenance and routine tasks, you can also contract for special projects or specific time periods on an as-needed basis.


With ISC as your IT partner, you have access to the collective knowledge of our entire team of engineers. We keep up-to-date with the latest techniques and technologies for you,saving you additional time and expense.

Cost Savings

Depending on what makes the most sense for your business, you may choose to outsource some or all of your IT. Our managed service programs will keep you up and running and proactively help prevent costly down-time. Our round-the-clock availability, the ability to contract out specific projects as needed, and our investment in the continuing education of our engineers mentioned above, all translate to dollars saved for your business.

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