Cisco ISE: Visibility and Control

September 2, 2015

Cisco’s latest ISE platform, or Identity Services Engine, is one of three components to the Cisco Unified Access Solution and automates access control by accurately locating, identifying, and classifying devices on the network and allowing for self-service on-boarding. ISE provides businesses with a way of balancing accessibility with network security.

Primarily, ISE is a policy enforcement engine. The network administrator can define roles, access, and security requirements and ISE will verify compliance before allowing a device on the network. For example, the system can restrict devices from the network that are not up-to-date with operating system patches, do not have active firewall, virus and/or malware solutions installed, or are running black listed applications. It can also require pin lock, keep jail-broken devices from entering the network, or implement remote data wipe on lost or stolen endpoints.

ISE includes a customizable splash page, or guest portal where you can add your company logo and share messages with your guests. Additionally, ISE takes care of switchport VLAN changes for end-users and access list management, saving businesses valuable IT time.

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